We can now be found on facebook. If you "like" our page, you can keep up with updates and owner testimonials ! If you e-mail me and do not hear back within a few hours, please check your spam mail. I have had people tell me that my e-mails are going to spam and I don't know why. Thanks so much !

Beaver Valley Doxies is located in Bloomsburg, PA.  My name is Lida Bellum and I am the owner and breeder of all of our dogs.  Most of our dogs are ACA registered.  They are our pets as well as breeding dogs. We love them all and they are well socialized.  We have a small kennel for breeding and whelping purposes.   It is licensed and inspected twice a year by the Pennsylvania dog warden and once a year by the AKC.  We have been 100% compliant for the past 20 years !

Look for our sign when coming to the kennel !

All puppies are now microchipped and  go home with a goodie bag containing Purina Pro Plan Puppy food (chicken and rice shredded blend), Vitamins ( Nuvet), treats and toys that smell like the kennel,  Health record form, registration form (if applicable), and their microchip registration form ! 

Puppy Pricing :  Pricing depends on color and coat pattern.  Currently they are starting at $2500. All prices vary with the market !  

PA sales tax (6%)  also applies to all puppy purchases !

$1000 deposit is due when you choose your puppy,  your $100 waiting list deposit goes toward that cost.   The balance is due at 8 weeks when the puppy is ready to go home !

If you are on my waiting list, I do ask that you check your email daily.  Once I notify you about a puppy/puppies,  I give 24 hours to respond before continuing down my list.  This ensures a smoother process in placing puppies !

All deposits can be made through the deposit page. You do not need a paypal account. Any credit or debit card can be used. Please make sure you ask if the puppy you want is still available before making a deposit. All deposits are NON REFUNDABLE !

Upcoming Litters:

Molly and Teddy: Due November 2nd.  Possible solids, dapples and piebalds.  Could be smooth or longhaired !

Cori and Leroy: Due November 5th.  Possible solids and dapples.  Should all be smoothcoats !

Pebbles and Vince: Due November 10th.  Possible solids and dapples.  Could be smooth coat or longhaired !




I take a $100 deposit to be placed on my waiting list.    If you do not receive a puppy from the first litter, then you will move on to the next litter !   ALL DEPOSITS ARE NON-REFUNDABLE !